Headquarters genetics

LR-MDL is the Medical-Diagnostics Laboratory operating in the background. Our laboratory supports physicians by providing professional advice on individual health prevention or on therapy recommendations and follow-ups. As an accredited laboratory, MDL is committed to the primacy of both scientific validity and clinical utility. Its specialization is mainly based in analysing and interpreting the so-called polymorphism or genetic variations.
Together with the parent company, Laboratoires Réunis S.A. in Junglinster, Luxemburg, LR-MDL keeps extending the analytical portofolio and developing new genetic and functional parameters.
We can thus satisfy all specific healthcare needs of an individual.

Vision: LR-MDL supports at an international level the paradigm shift which is taking place in health management, from healing to prevention. A comprehensive and holistic approach to genetic and functional processes in the human body with environemental interactions is the key to defining individual customized health strategies.

Mission: LR-MDL presents itself as a medical laboratory with a strong focus on personalised medicine which enhances medical integrative and preventive aspects. Our mission is to make sure that[nbsp] relevant scientific findings can be swiftly implemented into clinical practice.

Values : LR-MDL has set up a culture that reflects fair and honest relationships between people as the key to maintaining a dynamic and thriving company able to keep in line with high quality standards. Besides, and this is not unimportant, our location in the center of the spacious science park in Trier, provides our team optimal research and working conditions. We invest constantly in advanced technology and promote the skills of our staff. It is our duty as your service provider.